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tv   [untitled]    March 4, 2015 6:00am-6:31am PST

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from that the drivers are under financial stress that's it and an on behalf of green cab the big numbers unnecessary expensive pain in the neck and the other thing perhaps an error of omission if i have a 16 cab company you're paying about 45 hundred as a color scheme and 6 hundred color scheme like yellow cab double $9,000 there's no proportion here this is not the change in the rules but it should be changed because some of the other finances are go changed and this is less the same i urge you to do that. >> mr. lee. >> thank you very much.
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>> if the cab driver not make money leave it in the garage the uber is proeven proving we don't need layer on top we can serve the public will now they're blocking the two tunnel area we have to go all the way around to get into the lot only the city has not that much business we have to load up our fee and the driver is - i'd like to ask you given the independent color we don't need a cab company i need a medallion and this is the only weak evens the bureau the chiropractor works hard and treat the same and still sit with you but take the
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time this is a very important thing in our situation the cab driver has no more chance like california its raining and obviously do something for the cab driver we want to see independent color like new york we can derivative with medallion, in fact, you're making a policy under the chair of the capping cab company i talk whatever i like i talk straight because i'm a chinese-american i grew up with a different culture and not like you, you have to not mention to the public i can mention that anyway, i tried to get out of the business i'm so upset if you don't want to follow this policy you go to talk about protect and
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you'll lose all you do is no more good the best way to walk wiring from the industry that's why i'm choosing soon but a lot of younger i'm helping to taxiing job please give us independent color the cloud is making money. >> i have a couple of questions about the big numbers on top of the cab. >> to eliminate one of the requirements of the 18 inch decalls on the roof we kept the requirement for the 18 inch decals on the hood and the trunk if the space is available on the trunk some of the color scheme owners point out 1942 not available it is important to
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keep on the homicide because the commentator can see the vehicle and identify the number it is contrary and easy for the enforcement team i've heard the concerns with that. >> the other question about the tiered fines the first and second and third fines. >> we're working on a progressive discipline schedule and expect to come before the board at one of the next meetings. >> so. >> on the first of all, thanks to the folks from the industry that sat through a very long meeting with our valuable comments with mark and terry are a and others thank you for that on the numbers this is a small thing but friends are talking about trying to keep the
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expenses down the recognition from the enforcement team an important it seems to me customers need to match what you're seeing on our fly wheel account is it necessary to have the big number on the hood to do that presuming the enforcement tame is trained to look for the number unless your telling us to be able to see it from some distance that's why we have the large number. >> i can understand the point of the industry i don't disagree the competing issues going out with the enforcement team we were out with 0 sfo and talking about the numbers and watching the taxis and you could see from acquit a ways off the vehicles that had the number and the enforcement people said about
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how many i can see the number and identify it and some didn't have the non it made it harder it is again weighing anti those - >> again i'll move the item it is a climate to move it afford i'll urge you to geography in the further dialog with the industry on the number particularly with our enforcement and the people with flee wheel to see if we can identify the vehicle and the customers need to identify the vehicle at pretty close range and affiliate the expenses not a one-size-fits-all one cab company may want to do it one way but not have a rigid
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one-size-fits-all and again, i'm going changing the motion this is for later and on the gentleman's point if the fine for a bubble pen is extensive we can come back and look at it some of those things. >> i just want to pick up on the ladies point of background check don't you respond. >> all taxi cab drivers are to undergo a backward check for a driver to be a legal resident of the u.s. if the driver were to have infractions or in their home country we may not be getting that information we'll get the background check of activity from the united states and so correct me if i am wrong and so that's the southern
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if there are issues from the home country that we wouldn't be getting and she feels the eliminations of that being a legal resident - >> yeah. >> i have one question about the fines how are they and is there an seas important the cost recovery enforcement or is that punitive. >> a lot of the fines are based on we have a historical schedule and that we went through the schedule and actually tried to think up the fin with the code infraction and the changes are matching them up and things change over here and not over there increases are based on what is felt to be reasonable and a lot of the chances were suggested by the enforcement team we have cost recovery sort of analysis
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in mind although we wanted to point out the intention not to generate income or revenue only improve the customer service and act as a detriment. >> all in favor, say i. so, now we're supposed go into a closed session. >> actually, you have a few items earlier in the meeting general public comment on matter non-not on the agenda we have a few (calling names). >> good evening. >> good afternoon
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well, it was afternoon i congratulate you, your like solomon and in the previous guidance that was very educational you didn't really deal with any of the issues you dealt with the general public comment you have to understand that you're killing the taxi industry and your not putting enough buses on and that's the only way you're going to get less cars polk street was designed in what the 18th century or the 19th century it didn't matters it can't take the traffic most of the streets in san francisco can't take the traffic your neglecting the taxi industry and yellow cab a going bankrupt and they're cutting the amount of money to the medallion
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holders down to one thousand dollars that's jeopardizing the medallion sales force you benefit from and you're sitting around doing nothing the puc new chairman is talking about handing over general recreation and your doing nothing not talking to him not doing nothing maybe we don't need trait transportation at all you have to do something soon or no taxi industry. >> yes. mr. chairman. >> i have an item here just to show here. >> oh, i'm sorry that works. >> so i just wanted to make it
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clear to everyone i'll try to be brief i'll answer my questions i'm excited to see e.r. is that did soto cab will be another taxi the taxi industry need to be recast number one conferring has to be the top priority and the reliability and the technology innovation the taxi consumers was asked about app and the majority have no idea you can book a cookbook with an app if you look at the color councilman at the google and the apple store logo is here it was a big decision to give up the soto brand from dispatch years ago it was hallow with our new
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consolidation fly whole you'll leverage every taxi and wait less than 5 minutes for us to retain the large volume and enjoy this back to the industry we must support the fly whole and let the industry know this is a great view and my medallion holders and regular customers we think this is actually popular and hope to bring the brand recognize and brand back to the industry maybe a move out of the necessity we're leading the move in innovation and maybe thrive by thinking this way if you have any questions. >> good luck. >> is tony still here
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tom lee you're the last person. >> please we if we don't forget where's our study going sometimes, we make detour but at the end of the route we make our destination but we have a margin to the mta about a taxi integrating the whole system the whole medallion is the last thing we have to refine it at the end the game is having their own vehicle of the medallion without the cab case in chief why the gay people only want a pay they're fighting for go to city hall and amend i don't mind whatever they do we can will together but they want the same medallion it is defining to run
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ourselves why we need cab company on top of the layer we have to run ourselves we're sitting on the cliff we have a big loan for a cab driver not a lot of cab drivers not bow they have no future for this job whatever they don't want to fight with the tnc and uber come from the meeting they started their own uber like 4 years ago it is right now the director i hope she can listen to us we're represented of a thousand cab drivers i don't want to bring people here i'm so upset i chose to walk away from my drivership you sit here but at the moment he would sit here and go to bed
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everything cooled off the body different we can change. >> thank you. >> we have director's report and direction by board members. >> then closed session. >> my report is that we'll be in a chinese new year's parade honoring mr. lee and have a 19 of 9 muni coach for low income seniors and processed more 38 thousand applications that concludes my report anything another from the board members a motion to go into closed session. >> all in and is okay. we're in
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open session we discussed the christopher and other cases the board voted to address the situation and the directors a motion for disclosing or or notice disclosing. >> the last item is authorizing the director for a commercial lease agreement for the ellis for a 10 year term and 5 millions directors no members of the public to address this. >> a motion and second. >> all in favor, say i. the opposed? thank you we're you adjourned. >> thank you. >> well done. >> that's a record. >> it is a .
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome to the board of supervisors budget & finance committee meeting for february 25, 2015, my name is my name is supervisor farrell i mean, i'll be joined by supervisor tang and joined later by supervisor mar thank you sfgovtv for keeping this meeting generalizing and others and our clerk linda wong. >> madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. speaker cards and documents to be included